School Council

Our Arthurs Creek Primary School Council is a fantastic opportunity for parents and staff to work together to keep us on the path of continuous improvement.


Our school council has a total of seven parent representatives and four school staff. We meet twice per term to discuss and approve matters relating to developing the broad direction and vision of the school, participating in the development and monitoring of the school strategic plan, approving the annual budget and monitoring expenditure, developing, reviewing and updating policies, raising funds for school related purposes, creating interest in the school amongst the wider community, informing itself of and taking into account the views of the community.


Our 2021 School Council composition is as follows:

Parent Members:

Rebecca Apted - President

Ben Rose- Vice President

Allira George - Treasurer

Kerry Barrett- Secretary

Neil Brereton

Kris Lashford

Luke Shipley


Staff Members:

Lisa Duffy- Executive Officer

Helen Bashford

Tegan Compson

Gabrielle Holton

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