The acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and is taught by the S.T.E.M. teacher Chan once a week.  In S.T.E.M. students experiment with open ended activities and develop grand designs. This is to develop the creative problem-solving skills they’ll need as 21st Century learners. So brace yourselves for a lot of potential presents that the students make in class and make sure you ask about the thinking behind them. In the past they’ve looked at understanding cities, sustainability, science through history, future worlds and many other interesting topics. The focus is predominately on testing student ability to think outside the box and develop strategies for future challenges. Coding and digital technologies are covered for a few lessons each term as well and students experiment with robots and simple programming to prepare them for the new world. Most of the activities are designed to be easily repeated out of school and you can find them on the S.T.E.M. blog at:








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