We are currently taking enrolments for 2023 and beyond.


We are proud of our small school and recognise the benefits that come from teachers knowing our students and families well. It is through ongoing, strong links between home and school that we are able to provide the best support for every student in all areas of their academic, social, emotional and physical life.


We are happy to post information booklets to new families and arrange tours.


Transition to School Program
Prior to Foundation (Prep), new students will be invited to participate in our transition program held over several sessions in November and early December of each year. This gives our incoming students get a taste of school life, gives the teachers a chance to meet and get to know each student and to talk with families about the learning needs of their child.


Further details can be found on Prep enrolment by visiting the Department of Education and Training (DET) website.

Please contact us to arrange a tour.


Below are links to the Department of Education and Training polices regarding placement and how to find your local school. It is important to note that Arthurs Creek Primary School is not zoned and therefore is able to accept enrolments from outside the township of Arthurs Creek.


Department of Education & Training Enrolment Policy

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